Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ask Me...

Ask me what on earth came to my house in such a huge box...
Ask me how much it weighed...
Ask me how only 2 of us were able to get it out of the box and down the stairs...
and then back up 2 flights of stairs and then down the stairs again... (not without casualties, I assure you)

Ask me how I like my new Tempurpedic...

We've been in the market for a new bed for a couple months.  We shopped stores, laid on many a mattress, did a lot of research asking personal friends and looking up surveys/reviews, etc. online and finally decided on a Tempurpedic Cloud Supreme.

So far, we LOVE it.
Here's my case any of you are considering one:

  1.  It is awesome for the back or back pains, etc. support, support, support.
  2. Soft enough for a princess like me who can feel a pea, firm enough for the guy who can sleep on a hard floor without trouble.
  3. I think it feels like it just hugs your body curves all over. It lets my bony shoulders and hips dig in without pressure.
  4. Softer than the original Tempurpedic or other versions we tried...doesn't have that initial hard feeling on first contact.
  5. We are still debating whether it sleeps "warmer" than any other bed because heat gets trapped. It is firmer when cold, though.
  6. There is definitely a smell with the newborn mattress. Not too bad for me, but then again my allergies make sure I don't have a very discerning nose like Ben-it does bother him some.
  7. VERY heavy, even the bottom box support. Get friends to help you move it if you are going to do stairs. 
  8. Much less residual bouncing when a spouse tosses and turns in the night
  9. Whoever told me that I probably need a tempurpedic pillow as much or more than a mattress, I agree. Gotta get me one of those so my neck feels as good as the rest of my body.
  10. Can be pricey...but there is a reliable company on eBay that sells original products for about $500 less than retail. :) 


the paul said...

Wow, you took the plunge. So you didn't get it with special box springs? I thought I remembered the Tempurpedic requiring special box springs. Maybe that was just our model.

DEFINITELY yes on the Tempurpedic pillows. I think they make most of the difference.

the paul said...

Oh, just re-read #7. Never mind on the box springs :)

D.I.M. Incorporated said...

Awesome! I'm so jealous! And I'm not even going to tell my husband about it or he just might try to come move in with you guys so he can sleep at the foot of your bed!