Monday, April 25, 2011

Singles Wards

And so I say goodbye to the world of singles wards, for good. It's been fun...they have been a big part of my life for the last...let's say, a really long time. Longer than most people would ever expect or think is possible. From a few months before my 18th birthday till a few months before my 31st, excepting my mission of course, I have been very involved in a singles ward.
Now I get to re-acclimate to the world of family wards: complete with crying children during the sacrament, ward choirs of 8 people, relief societies with little old ladies, deacons passing the sacrament, etc. Thankfully, the church is true no matter where you are and I am excited for this new change. I have always been one that looks forward to change, and since other "changes" aren't happening as quickly as I had planned, this will have to do.
I am very grateful for the establishment of singles wards. They certainly provide an environment to learn leadership and church responsibility, while offering the great sociality of peers with the same beliefs. I never feared moving to a new city as long as I could connect with the singles ward there. I would instantly have friends and activities to attend. My coworkers always thought it amazing how quickly I was acclimated to the area and people. I can honestly say that I was able to meet and work among amazing, very talented, and dedicated saints. I was constantly inspired to be better by my peers there, as we supported each other through similar struggles.

I didn't think my singles ward experience would end like this...months before I could officially "graduate" by getting married-or by turning 31-or both, a complete overhaul of the Salt Lake valley's university and YSA wards threw everything into chaos. It just makes most sense to make the transition into the established family ward of my area now.

May I just send a shout-out to the USU 40th, USU 39th, USU 11th, Sam Houston, University 39th, El Dorado, Harbor 2nd, and the great University 48th wards! Thanks for all the great lessons and times!

My advice to anyone attending a singles ward:

Get Involved!!!! Jump in head first, attend activities, sit by different people (everyone else is probably somewhat shy and new to the ward as well), get to know them, always volunteer to help, fulfill your calling completely, and flirt mercilessly (guys don't get the subtle clues or "playing hard to get"...get over it). It only takes a few people dedicated to making it a fun, friendly ward and it will catch on like wildfire. Remember those things and you will always have a marvelous experience.


Karen Ella said...

I'm seriously considering sniping that last paragraph and putting in our ward newsletter...

Rebecca Wood said...

Amen to the jumping in! That's the most important life advice ever. I hope your transition is a happy one.

Jerry said...

I'm glad you mentioned "subtle clues". I just don't get them. Neither do most guys.