Thursday, December 9, 2010

I once got a black eye from my Bishop

Funny story from the past. I was going through iphoto to pick a random picture and share a story that it reminded me of...and found this.

The Harbor 2nd singles ward decided to play Broom Hockey in the church gym. I was in charge of all activities in the ward at that point and was hesitant about promoting this idea-since someone was bound to get hurt. Yup. Maybe I have an biased memory but it seems that whenever I say that, it's typically me that is the lucky one. My bishopric was really getting into the broom hockey game and even taped their broom straws down so they could hit the ball harder. In a flurry of activity on the court, Bishop's broom met my face...and hard. I blacked out a second, then dazed and throbbing, I left the game so they couldn't see me cry. He didn't even know what had happened. When he found it, he felt sooo bad. He came to my house and brought me a potted plant and an apology-he looked so darn uncomfortable that I felt bad for him-and that he had to see me with a big purple bruise on the right side of my face. He really was a good bishop-poor guy sat out on any competetive play from then on. I didn't learn to do that until later. I am finally getting the fact that I might also be fragile, despite how competitive and adventurous I can be. This is why I now avoid playing broom hockey, dodgeball, softball, basketball, and pick-up soccer games in fields with holes.


Karen Ella said...

That so sounds like something that would happen to me!!! HAHAHHAAHAHH!

Anonymous said...

nice story... wish you would have taken a pic of the bruise, too!