Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Croydon is famous for only 3 things:
Being close to Devil's Slide
Home of the "Widow-Maker" hill climb
DeLaMare family reunion.

A quaint little town that has only 1 park (which my extended family takes over every Labor Day weekend, thus doubling the population there). I spent many a birthday here growing up (since it always seemed to also fall on that weekend). I was actually kind of bitter to that fact for a while. Who wants to spend their sweet 16th birthday in the middle of nowhere, camping in a park?

I have since come to appreciate the joys of our family get-together there and loved being with everyone this year. I even took a few pictures!
(Ben didn't get to come since his dog got very ill that weekend)
My nephew TJ was trying to be cool and lay like his Grandpa.My cute sisters and our cousin Taylor

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