Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm an Ice Cream Snob

If you're going to eat had better be worth the calories. That means "only the hard stuff" for me. Rich, high-fat, hard enough you can chew, with lots of chunks. That's right. Usually that means Ben and Jerry's. Because it is soooo good and filling that a 1/2 cup is usually enough.

My favorite flavor is "Everything But The..."
It used to be S.N.A.F.U. but they stopped making it. I have no idea why. It now rests with other retired flavors in Ben and Jerry's Flavor Graveyard (an actual place on a hill just by the Ben and Jerry's factory in Vermont). Yes, I have even been there. I'm serious about my ice cream.
Anyway, it's pretty funny: they write poems about the flavors that didn't make it. They have a virtual graveyard at

I proudly wear my Ben and Jerry's apron when I cook. It's only fair to support the ice cream that calms down hormones, cramps and just makes life seem better when you're feeling down.


Melissa Hislop said...

What is SNAFU? My favorite is Half Baked. Chocolate, swirled with marshmallow with cookie dough chunks...mmmm.

Anonymous said...

ice cream makes everything better... and I never ate so much as I did my freshman year in college. so what's your new favorite ben & jerry's?