Monday, March 1, 2010

Whoever thought you could curl a stone?

Curling is a very interesting sport. Seeing a live curling event made it better. For the Olympics, there were 4 games going on all at the same time in the event center. It was difficult at first keeping track of what was always going on. I admit to paying most attention to the U.S. vs China game...I'm biased, I know. Luckily, we also sat next to a woman who had "curled" almost her whole life and she answered all of our questions about strategy, terms, etc. I was super impressed at the accuracy the guys had at placing the stones wherever they wanted. I really kind of want to go try it out myself at the Olympic Oval now, although I am told it is much harder than it looks.
Don't worry, there was plenty of Canadian spirit about Curling as well.
This guy also had a sign that read "Curling. Invented by Scots, Perfected by Canadians."


the paul said...

Were there any Fiendish Thingies?

Rachel said...

Lol. you're awesome paul:) I'll come curling with you any time Em!