Monday, February 1, 2010

Service Auction Dinner

Every year for our ward's service auction, I donate a gourmet 4 course dinner. This year, my friend Kasey bought it and we finally made it happen. It's one of those special nights to go all out and use my roommate's expensive china and crystal. I'm getting more confident making up my own recipes so that night was no exception (although because of the number of dishes, and last year's stressful experience, I tried keep them more to the simpler side). Here was the delicious menu:

Drink: Raspberry Mint water
Appetizer: Home-made pita chips with a Cumin-lime Crab and Avocado Dip
Salad: Supreme Oranges, Cucumber, Bean Sprouts on Spring Greens with a Spicy Vinaigrette
Entree: Orange BBQ Salmon
Asparagus Bundles
Walnut Wild Rice
Dessert: New and Improved (& personalized) Chocolate Creme Brulee

It went over very well and made everyone not invited very jealous... Just bid higher for the dinner next year folks!

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Ruthie said...

Beautiful pictures, and I'm sure the food was just as tasty. :3