Sunday, September 27, 2009

Help for the pictureless fool

It's not that I have been any less busy with exciting things in life, lately. I just feel like blog posts really aren't all that fun without pictures. I can barely get people to read my blog, even when I do have pictures. I also love having pictures. I love looking at all my wonderful photographer friends' blogs, albeit with some envy. I even use pictures for more than just blogging.

Sometimes, it is not my fault...I have other people take pictures for me and then I never get them, because their computer literally dies or their connecting cord gets lost or memory card gets mutilated, etc. But, I'll admit, most of the time, it IS my fault. I just don't remember my camera or feel like stopping the fun (and a stranger) to document the event. I try to go for the candid, unposed thing but that only turns out awkward and uninteresting.

HELP! How do I get over this???


Ruthie said...

I don't have tips for taking pictures besides to just take lots of 'em whenever you remember. I struggle with not wanting to post without pictures too...but then, I like your blog just fine without pictures.

Good luck.

Melissa Hislop said...

I have the same problem. I envy Stacey's and Rachel's blogs especially. Stupid 10th commandment. If you have a camera phone, take pictures on that and email them to yourself. You always have your phone with you anyways. My pictures look horrible on my crappy phone but look a lot better on the computer with the ability for higher res.

Kasey said...

I have some great pictures of you! You'll have to stop by and get them sometime. And I read your blog so keep those posts coming!!!

Mom said...

Emily! I love to read your posts on the blog. I am even tempted to try to make that chocolate Creme Brulee. Too bad I don't have any ramekins or a torch. Maybe you'll make it for us sometime?

the paul said...

I read the blog, even when there are no pictures.

There's this photographer dude named Chase Jarvis whose mantra is "the best camera is the one that's with you". He has a gorgeous gallery of a gazillion pictures he takes with his iPhone. That got me taking a lot more pictures.

Try that out.