Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We've been cleaning out my Grandma's house the last few weeks since her funeral. I've been able to receive some fun things to remember her by. Here's one of my favorites. They found some old clothes of hers in her cedar chest. This skirt was in there. They said I could have it. I was going to use it for my costume closet but then I tried it on and it fit! Luckily that 50's style pencil skirt is back in. You can't see all the colorful specs in it but it matched my obnoxiously pink jacket I just bought so voila! I have a new outfit. What do you think?

I also scored some of her old china, tablecloths, piano music and books. You'll have to watch the book blog I contribute to as I read through them. (rachelsbooklist.blogspot.com)

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ivyk said...

i like it and i like the fact that you rollerderby. i'm going to croatia for just a few days - like 2 - after going through a few other countries with my sister. we're headed next week and i wish i had more than 2 weeks a year vacation so this could last longer than like 9 days..