Monday, March 30, 2009

Good Enough

Every year, or maybe twice a year...our bishop spends a Sunday lesson giving us his ideas, rules and advice for dating/courting/marriage. Now, if you know my bishop (he's very caring and relaxed, but also the one that makes announcements over the pulpit like "swimsuits are optional for this activity" and takes it all in stride)-it is always a very memorable event that is talked about for months and years later. He teaches some good principles but puts things very straightforward and in an over-the-top way so it isn't forgotten. For instance, we all remember his comment last year about "dating your own kind". Apparently if you are a "4", try to find another "4" rather than going after the "10's". This year, the girls all got little cards to carry in our purses (see the picture) that say "Good Enough!" on the back. We're supposed to get it out if we are ever on a less-than-great date. He told us all girls will have to settle and that those are the only things really necessary for a good marriage. "If he has those, I don't care what he looks like, marry him". Hmmm. sure made a lot of us a little guilty for actually wanting someone we have common interests with and are attracted to as well... Sigh.


Wendi said...

That is great - yeah, um probably it would be good if you like to be together too. And if he isn't hard to look at.

Ruthie said...

Bare bones, yeah, those are the most important things. It's the accessories that're hardest with clothes and boys. :P

ivyk said...

Dude - this guy may not be all too good for the advice with his grammar issues:)
Love bishops with some crazy things to say like that.