Sunday, December 6, 2015

Counting My Miracles

After a hard year before, this year has been full of miracles from God. So this year, I am not just counting my blessings, but counting the miracles in my life:

-Our very last IVF attempt at the first of the year was successful!!! One embryo out of the last 3 we implanted actually stuck and pregnancy ensued.
-I had an uncomplicated pregnancy all year. Besides the usual discomforts, I had no major issues carrying the child and even went past the due date (which is unusual if you know my family). I even survived allergy season without the multiple medications I usually need.

-Despite the previous blessing, I was still inspired to choose a good OB doctor that specializes in high-risk deliveries and a hospital with a NICU. So, when the delivery quickly turned into an traumatic, emergency c-section, we both survived and went home 4 days later as healthy as can be.

-I have a sweet, perfect infant snuggled in my arms right now that I can't help but love to pieces. He is an  angel...part of why I was drawn to the name Gabriel for him.
-My husband is the sweetest father to our little guy.
-Gabriel is a good baby. He eats and sleeps pretty well for a newborn and is easily consoled when upset. I know many others that have to deal with colicky babies for the first year.
-My job had been in jeopardy since it has gotten slower and slower at work all year but they helped me make adjustments so I could still work "full-time" and get maternity leave for the baby and keep health insurance.
-I've was given a calling in church that I LOVE. I get to play the piano in the primary and be reminded of all the sweet primary songs again so I can sing them all to my baby. It also allowed me to hide behind the piano and eat snacks so I wasn't super nauseous and lasted all 3 hrs of church.

-The miracle of the Savior's love is that any hard times are swallowed up in his grace and His plan for you always turns out better than you anticipated. Faith and Love produce many many miracles.


Rachel said...

Love the pictures and love Gabriel! So many blessings and miracles.

Sister Ginger Cannon said...

Such a joyous blessing in all of our lives. We can't wait to finally meet Gideon in person!

Sister Ginger Cannon said...

Such a joyous blessing in all of our lives. We can't wait to finally meet GABRIEL, Sorry I did it again! I love Gideon but can't wait to meet Gabe in person too!

Karen Ella said...

YOU HAD A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!