Saturday, June 28, 2014

Kimi's Wedding

I am a very lucky girl because I have 3 sisters. Although we were silly and fought more when younger (think 4 teenage girls in the same house...eek!), they are now some of my greatest friends. Kimi was always the one I deemed my "clone" because we looked so much alike. Although we are very different personality and interest-wise, she felt like her life often followed the pattern of mine. So, when she turned 28, she knew she would soon meet her husband-to-be, which is when I met Ben. And she did! Alex is truly a great guy and we are more than thrilled to welcome him into our family. He seems a perfect match for Kimi. I love seeing all my siblings find a spouse that is so "perfect" for them. It's amazing.
She even let me take her dress shopping (my favorite part!) and help her plan out some things. I couldn't be happier for her. Here are a few photos from the special day!



Lauren said...

What a good looking couple. Tell Kim congrats from me. Also, great pic of you and Ben. Just reminds me that we should try and get together again some time soon. Nathan's finally graduated (yay!) so he has a life again. We'll have to find a night to get a sitter and double with ya (if you don't mind our company!).

Mom said...

I'm so happy you are all friends now! What a help you all were with the wedding! I Love to be with you all!