Saturday, September 22, 2012


I got a great birthday present this year from Ben. He gave me a voucher for a tandem paragliding adventure! I used it today and it was soooo fun. I LOVE being up in the air and this was a perfect way to experience it. It was so relaxing to just float there in the air, moving along with the breeze and enjoy the surroundings from up high.

You really don't get super far from the point of the mountain (since that's where the good air movement is) and it wasn't scary at all. Going early in the morning helps keep you away from any pockets of air and sudden movement. I definitely will go again! Maybe I could even learn to do it on my own...seems kind of like flying one of my kites.

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Mom said...

Emily! I am soooo glad you could finally go and glad you had fun. I couldn't do it if I wanted too, but I am happy you can.