Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Passing Summer

I haven't had much to say on here this summer. Probably because I have been writing on 2 other blogs. My readers have certainly dwindled here. Sorry! If you want little updates onto my life and thoughts as they have been, come see what I've been doing over there.

First, I joined an online summer art therapy the form of a blog. The teacher would post an assignment each week and then we all had to post about our project and experience. It was really quite fun. Here are some links to my projects:

We had to pick a symbol to represent ourselves and make a visual representation of it:

We had to improve some kind of space in our surroundings:

We made a sort of dream catcher that represented the supports in our life:

We had to take pictures of things during the week of unexpected beauty:

I have also been "sort-of" diligent in my goal to post a new soup every week (I missed a few this summer due to illness). Come check them out:

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K Cannon said...

You are so amazing! Thanks for sharing these :) Very good contributions to the blog and such a supportive group of sister :)
You guys are the best!