Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wicked on Halloween

I took a fun weekend trip to Denver with Ben, to meet up with my parents, Rachel/Jeff/TJ, and Kimi... all for to see Wicked the Musical on Halloween night. We spent the rest of the weekend seeing some of the city. We got to see the botanical gardens as well... which were supposed to have Halloween festivities... but we later learned that those were at the "other botanical gardens". So we had fun roaming about in the beautiful and unseasonably warm weather that day, throwing snowballs and enjoying the company. The workers there recommended the rose garden...I thought of it more as an abstract art combining snow/mud/dead plants, then it really was quite interesting.
"Wicked" was awesome... even the third time you
see it. Each cast gives it a little different flavor but it always is a fantastic experience. This cast had the best Wizard I've seen. Ben thought they all sang a little too much. Lol. Walking the city street on Halloween night was gives one a different exposure to the people of Denver...
Overall, had some good food, wonderful company, great times, and fond memories.