Monday, October 26, 2009

i wanna play the trumpet!

Picture caption contest
It's always fun to try and guess what babies are thinking.
Sorry if some of you were disappointed to have to wait so long to hear the winner of the last picture contest...Kimi definitely won. The scoliosis comment was hilarious. Kimi is my sweet sister and has always been naturally funny, with either a quick wit, or random comments about the interesting world she lives in. She has a way of getting me to laugh so hard that I cannot even breathe. My family really misses her when she's not around. I love the fact that she lives so close to me now!


Melissa Hislop said...

This discussion you raise is an interesting one. Let me ponder on that. Hmmm.

K said...

hahaha "Are you workin on somethin in your pants?"

ps. thanks for saying nice things em! I love you too!!!

Rachel said...

it's not fair to start with the best caption as your post title...