Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pancake Day!

I just learned about a new holiday--Pancake Day! It's apparently a celebration before Lent starts where people used up rich foods. Most European countries have a food they typically make ranging from pancakes or crepes to pastries, etc. Except for Estonia. . . apparently they eat split pea soup and go sledding (according to widipedia). . . so random! It is also known as Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras (I had heard of that last one-but that only brought me images of New Orleans and beads for some reason).

Here's how my roommates and I celebrated Pancake Day:
Blueberry Pancakes in the morningCrepes (or Croatian pancakes) in the afternoon (with chicken/cheese/spinach or banana/nutella). Michelle is once again refusing to be in a picture.German pancakes at night. (with some scrumptious blackberries and powdered sugar. Mmmm)
I think I like Pancake Day.


Melissa Hislop said...

Mmm, I like pancake day too.

Rachel said...

How come I'm never invited to Pancake Day?

Ruthie said...

Do you know what's random? When I was down at Snow, my roommate (named Emily!) saw Mardi Gras translated as Fat Tuesday on her calendar and thought it was hilarious, so she started making crepes every Tuesday night and inviting people over. She still does this today, although it's almost never the actual Pancake Day. I had no idea there were actually pancakes involved until reading your blog post!

Wendi said...

Sounds delectable! I think we shall have pancake day this weekend. Yummm